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Review Bullet Train (2022): It's entertaining while it lasts but for the most part disappointing!

genre: action, comedy, thriller

David Leitch delivered good action with Deadpool 2 and Atomic Blonde. This was less the case with Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. The less we say about that, the better. However, it's obvious the expectations were high. So did Leith do it again?

Unfortunately, Bullet Train is an example of a film that lends a lot from other films and directors without upping the ante or giving you fresh, compelling things to be amazed by. On the surface level, it's solid, but if you look beyond, there is nothing there. Bullet Train tries real hard to be a Tarantino film without his talent for writing witty and compelling dialogue. To be honest, that for me wouldn't have been a big deal had the characters been fleshed out a little more. We are supposed to feel things about them, however aren't given that much substance to do so. I realize that Bullet Train is based on a Japanese novel, so it might very well be possible that some of the story got lost in translation. Because honestly, there is very little story to begin with. Like with John Wick, certain characters are vital to the story. There are several assassins on board of this train, and it's they way they interact with each other that provides the most fun. These assassins seem to know each other by reputation, but clearly aren't bound by any rules. Still, I can't help but feel that a lot of background on these characters is thrown out.

And this also would not have been that much of an issue had the action be spectacular. It's in this department where the film lets down. The choreography is average at best. If you, like me, were hoping for John Wick type of action, I will have to disappoint you. It's not there. There was potential for some good combat, but many opportunities have been wasted. It's real puzzling to me. For example, the film features Hiroyuki Sanada and Andrew Koji. Two excellent martial artists who could have made quite the impact had they been given the chance. Brad Pitt as Ladybug was a decent lead, but he didn't do that much action wise. At least not like it was hyped up to be. Then again, if it weren't for him, I don't think I would have stuck around. 

Sure, the film is entertaining while it lasts, but for the most part it's disappointing. It just points out how hard it is to make good, interesting action films. If you are craving top-notch action, then watch Carter. If you can't appreciate Carter you simply can't call yourself an action fan.

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