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Review Bodies Bodies Bodies (2022): Giant waste of your time!

genre: comedy, horror, thriller

When they were discussing this film on a Dutch talk show, I was a little intrigued. These grumpy old men automatically dislike everything. But the fact that they were talking about it did prove there was a lot of hype surrounding Bodies Bodies Bodies. I wasn't aware that actress Halina Reijn also directed films. And yes, it is a big deal when somebody from The Netherlands gets attached to a big American production like this. It doesn't happen often. So naturally it looked promising.

In one of the comments / reviews online it was mentioned that this film was a modern take on Agathie Christie. Well, I love whodunnits Especially, that style of murder mystery. And when it was stated that there was one big twist that made it worth your while, I was on board. 5 minutes later I already tuned out. None of the characters were likeable. Except maybe the one played by Lee Pace. But he was so underused it simply isn't funny any more. It also didn't help that I couldn't understand what was said 90 percent of the time. Obviously, I understood the poor attempt at satire. I just had trouble hearing the words. I truly dislike it when actors don't pronounce properly. Usually I watch films with subtitles in case people speak softly or unintelligibly. This time I couldn't be bothered. I doubt it would have made that big of a difference, since the dialogue was absolutely awful. There isn't a single scene where you are compelled by a conversation. They do try, but they fail miserably because none of the actors have the ability. 

At one point, the mystery elements happen. Even in a black comedy, you are supposed to feel some sense of tension or dread. But like I said, none of the characters were likeable, so you don't really care when bad things happen. They could have remedied this by at least make the death scenes exciting. Or have people respond in ways you never expect. Unfortunately, not only does Bodies Bodies Bodies commit the ultimate sin by rehashing every horror cliché you can imagine. It also doesn't do anything fresh or creative with the premise. The supposed twist is funny, I will give them that. But it's one so stupid that it feels like the final kick in the groin. However, it sure takes forever for that twist to happen. It was the one thing I was looking forward too. Sometimes twists, no matter how crazy, can make boring events compelling. It can put a spin on what you have experienced and truly surprise you. This is not the case here. Actually, it emphasizes the huge flaws in plot, red herrings and the direction. And for the love of God, please stop putting Pete Davidson in films. He is not a good actor and not attractive by any means. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies is very messy. I am not even going to pretend to be knowledgable about Gen Z. But I am pretty sure there is far more to them than is presented. Then again, maybe the whole goal was to point out the big generation gap between people my age and Gen Z. But is Halina Reijn the one to educate us on them. I don't think so. She lacks the wit and finesse to give us a proper satire. All you are left with is the feeling you have wasted your precious time! 

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