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Review Project S a.k.a. Once a Cop a.k.a. Police Story 3 part 2 a.k.a. Supercop 2 a.k.a. Chiu kup gai wak (1993)

genre: action, martial arts, bullet ballet

Several times I have seen this film and several times I tried to write a review about it, but somehow never managed to do so. I kind of forced myself this time since I want to be done with it.

This part, which is a spin-off from Supercop should have been great. Instead, it's pretty average. Sure, it has some redeeming elements in it to make it worth your while somewhat, but it's nowhere near the epic Supercop was. For that, it simply lacks a solid narrative. Plus, the action is a little average. Don't get me wrong, some stunts are truly spectacular. But the fighting and gun combat is disappointing. They look cool, but weren't really that exciting. I wanted to be invested. I really tried to be. But after having tried for like what 6 or 7 times, I can assure you it's not me. Michelle Yeoh can do better, Stanley Tong can do better. Actually, everybody involved could do better. Dick Wei, Louis Fan and Ringu Yu are all incredible martial artists, and they do display their skills in Project S. Only they never get the chance to have some real intense fights between them. This film was begging for it. Mind you, I personally was craving more satisfying gun combat, so I was fine with less hand-to-hand combat. But what we got instead simply didn't do it for me. I felt like the action didn't flow as well as it could have. There were too many scenes in-between, completely taking away the urgency of some action sequences.

I thought that one of the villains was brilliant. At least until he opened up his mouth. The actor is Alain Guernier. They should have given him a bigger part. However, he is pretty convincing as a professional criminal. Obviously, the real crux of the story is the career path Ringu Yu's character has chosen for himself. He wants to have a better life for him and girlfriend Jessica Wang (Michelle Yeoh). Of course, Jessica isn't happy with this and tries to persuade him to give it up. According to her, it's not that rewarding to be a criminal. Well, he would have been quite successful if the police didn't intervene all the time. And if it weren't for his love for her, she and the police would already be dead. He made sure she and her colleagues didn't get shot. Honestly, I didn't particularly care for this piece of drama. I mean, I am not heartless, but this felt very forced and not really backed up by a real struggles. It would have been an improvement had she also tried to save her boyfriend from the predicament he was in.

Overall, the film has just enough action and stunts to make it worth your while. But it's not really memorable, especially if you compare it to the action in Supercop. Oh and there is a brief cameo of Jackie Chan and Eric Tsang. But totally pointless, useless and juvenile!

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