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Review Eternals (2021): Eternal boredom!

genre: comic book adaptation. action, adventure, science fiction

Even when the Eternals have been created a long time ago I know very little to nothing about them. Obviously, they are another group of superheroes who are going to be significant in some way for the MCU. All they had to do was introduce us to these characters and explain how these supposed godlike and cosmic beings haven't interfered with past events like the ones caused by Thanos. 

But for whatever reason, Eternals is trying to be Watchmen without actually giving you food for thought. I am all for philosophical discussions, but did that have to come at the cost of the action and adventure? If the answer is yes. Should they not have given you substance to sink your teeth in. I mean, there has to be something to make it worth your while, no? All this time they had been building up Eternals to be epic and all I got was eternal boredom. It's not that I don't appreciate the fact that the film is trying to be different and self-contained. However, after having seen the film, I still don't know that much about any of the pivotal characters. Some of them don't even do that much to be honest. Lots of fuzz was made about Kumail Nanjiani and his transformation. Only when it mattered, he was nowhere to be seen. Same goes for Salma Hayek. Her role is even more ridiculous. If you think about it, she is nothing but a glorified cameo. Some effects were neat, but the spectacle as a whole was a let-down. There were only a few times I found some enjoyment in the action sequences.

The worst thing about Eternals is that it had no impact on me. Even the worst of the MCU films had moments where I got reminded of why I loved these comic book movies so much. And I tried my hardest to give this film a chance. I hung in there until the last scene, even where I just wanted everything to end already. I know that I am supposed to feel and care about the characters because the actors make sure you do. Only they aren't backed up by the events and stories to draw you in. I barely registered the few elements that are supposed to shake you to the core. I think this is because while the film has a long duration, it never really establishes the characters that well. It's most essential and yet in contemporary films it's the one thing they skip on to keep things mysterious. But mysterious isn't the same as thrilling or exciting. Knowing what a character is about and how he would act normally and then doing a 180 will definitely have more impact than if you don't know anything about the character and then finding out after the fact that this character was acting out of the norm. More devastating would be if a character act like he or she is supposed to, but where you witness for yourself how much they are struggling with it. 

Overall, I found the film to be a real disappointment, and perhaps one day I will watch it again. For the time being though, I want to forget its existence.

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