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Review One More Shot a.k.a. VR Fighter (2021): Die Hard at a research facility!

genre: die hard clone, action, bullet ballet, martial arts

In essence, One More Shot, is a pretty straightforward action flick featuring Louis Fan (most famous for Ricky Oh, and Ip Man.) But it's almost like this film is one big show reel to point out what Louis Fan is capable of.

The film starts out with some tight gun combat interchanged with hand to hand combat. Further in the movie there is a POV sequence very reminiscent of Hardcore Henry and The Villainess. Then very shortly after this One More Shot turns into a Die Hard film where Fan's character has to take out enemies John McClane style. The finale consists of a fight between the main character and the main villain of the story and ends with a twist. One could argue whether this is clever or not. In hindsight it is actually since the film does give you hints throughout, now I think about it. Still, even then one could question what the real point was and if the main character shouldn't sue the people involved. And all of this transpires in 82 minutes. 

Mind you there are some problems with this film. But they aren't big enough to take away the enjoyment you are going to experience for the most part. The fight in the end is easily the weakest if you ask me. I get why it was included but pales in comparison to earlier action scenes. Louis Fan definitely has what it takes to play action leads in films like these. But he looked absolutely ridiculous with the fake beard and hair. If you want to evoke sympathy for a character don't make him wear fake things. Apart from that I would like to see him do more of this. Especially the highly choreographed gun combat which is something I can't get enough of.

Overall, certainly worth your time. Especially if you just want good action. 

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