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Review Nash Bridges (2021): Nash Bridges revival is decent enough but it has a few problems!

genre: crime, action, drama

Both Nash and Joe enter the scene like they have never left the screen. Sure they both have aged considerably and maybe it's not entirely believable they are still on active duty. Then again, despite their old age they still are very capable until they are stopped.

It's been a while I have watched the show and I don't think I even watched all of the episodes of the last seasons but suddenly it was canceled. I had no idea this was because of political reasons. I always assumed that the show was done. I mean. As much as I liked the show there is not that much you can do with a crime show like this and not repeat itself. Granted Joe's antics and outside activities always were a delight to experience. Cheech Marin as Joe was peculiar. The funny man was more invested in his schemes than actual police work. And I have to admit it took some time for me to get used to him playing a cop. But certain episodes did show he could be serious when needed. In hindsight the light and comedic tone to a serious crime drama was surprisingly refreshing. Nash Bridges amped up the seriousness plenty of times but never at the cost of losing the comedic tone. For whatever reason, Cheech Marin really took it easy. He is barely in the show. And this time isn't even doing enough cop stuff. 

That being said, I do think that Nash Bridges followed a certain formula and was filled with flaws. And unfortunately these flaws have returned. There were episodes that tonally were very reminiscent of Miami Vice that had impact on characters throughout the season. It was one of the elements I liked. But more and more these elements would diminish in favour of wackiness. In this TV Movie this is no different. The show prides itself to be fueled on contrasting characters and it gets real exhausting pretty quickly. You know that at the end of the movie these characters will get along just fine. It's so juvenile. Then again I can't lie that I did chuckle a few times so maybe enough time has passed to revive the show.

Another flaw is the political correctness. Honestly this is getting ridiculous. How many transgender cops are there? I can assure you not many. It's a reality you will have to accept. Before I am being called a bigot. I am not against transgenders or anything but at this point you can't deny that they are trying to force the idea of transgenders being everywhere while this is not the case at all. Only a small percentage of the population is transgender so why then do they need to be represented in a way that make it seem they are present in large numbers. I get it, representation is important. Still I do think it needs to be based on reality just a tiny bit. Besides I don't care whether someone is a transgender or not. Your sexuality says very little of your capabilities. I would like to be impressed by how the character is written or acting. The little this character did was very typical of cops in drama's like this and I have no real opinion on it. Except the TV Movie itself undermines the woman's expertise because they were able to not only undo her hacking but also managed to attack the SIU itself based on her code. A big deal was made about her skills only to throw those under the bus. So how am I supposed to take such a character seriously? Why not have this character just be badass and make the crooks think they were on to her while she in return was on to them so brilliantly that she had managed to get access to everything illegal and important.

I can't remember Nash Bridges being into science fiction. Yet they dove into it and failed miserably. I was having a good time and when they mentioned nanotechnology and kill switch I just didn't care any more. The martial arts in the movie also was a bit laughable. Most of the fighters were terrible. And I was a bit confused why this was even a thing in Nash Bridges. Did they get the shows wrong and confused it with Martial Law? Somehow the people mistook the lighter comedic tone for a full farce. Perhaps they were trying to throw all of this in the movie to see what appealed and not. Well, in case some people involved with this movie are reading this. The finale where Bridges is shooting criminals is exactly the type I would like to see. It was believable and done well. 

Thankfully the saving grace is Don Johnson as Nash Bridges. He gave this movie the edge it needed and would not mind seeing more of that as long as the show does become a little more serious since Nash Bridges was many things but never goofy.

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