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My thoughts on Hypnotic (2021) and The Trip a.k.a. I onde dager (2021)

genre: thriller, drama

Review Hypnotic (2021)

The title basically gives away the premise. There is only so many ways you can go with hypnotism so why announce this ahead of time? Fortunately in this case it doesn't matter that much.

While a whole lot more could have been done with the premise I can't say I dislike what they have done with it. It's a plus that everyone involved take matters seriously since that is absolutely crucial to make you believe what is transpiring in the film. I liked the cast. Especially the inclusion of DulĂ© Hill as a cop. Quite the transition from goofy friend Gus in Psych. I hope this will be the step up to more roles like these. But if it weren't for Kate Siegel (also known for Midnight Mass) and Jason O'Mara I don't think this film would have worked. Siegel is not a damsel in distress. Not saying she is beyond doing stupid things because believe me she will do enough. However her character is fearless and though when she needs to be. And that makes her a very likable character. O'Mara is the right guy to play the ultra charming but sinister Dr. Colin Meade.

While Hypnotic is pretty predictable I was surprised to see how tense some moments were. Provided you suspense disbelief concerning the impossible elements. But once you do there is something quite unnerving about the premise. Having said that there are some flaws that will make you scratch your head a little. Who in their right mind would answer unknown phone calls? Usually you only give your number to people who you trust in some fashion. Besides often only shady people hide their number so why then even bothering to answer? One of the characters in the film is called Xavier. When you hear the name within the context it's a guaranteed eyes rolling moment.

Like I said, a whole lot more could have been done with the premise. As was demonstrated in for example the first season of Jessica Jones. Still I had a good time watching it. So give it a try!

genre: thriller, horror, black comedy

Review The Trip a.k.a. I onde dager (2021)

On a whim I had decided to watch The Trip because the premise sounded compelling. And for the most part The Trip truly is a trip. However not without flaws!

The Trip is being marked a black comedy. And certainly there are quit a few moments where you will laugh more than tense up. Still make no mistake the film also has enough moments that will put you on the edge of your seat but also will cringe. All the characters in this flick are flawed. Some more than others. But some are undeniably coldhearted and evil. The couple played by Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie known from Headhunters aren't exactly innocent but they are obviously in over their heads. Plus you have to ask yourself how bad does a marriage have to be in order for you to be willing to commit murder? While I am not a huge fan of therapy maybe that would have been the better way. Then again that wouldn't be as comedic and fun so I get why they didn't opt for that. 

I do think that they could and should have elaborated more on the couple. Like perhaps show more examples of why their marriage is failing. And where you get to see the good and bad sides to both characters. But I understand why they went with another route since not knowing who they are and what they are about does add tension. At a certain point though it does become comedy capers and events do outstay their welcome a little too much. I did like the ending though so you will be rewarded.

If you can get over the fact that supposedly intelligent people will behave moronically at times you will have yourself a grand time. You certainly won't be bored. Definitely one of the better films on Netflix right now!

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