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Review Squid Game and Midnight Mass (Netflix Originals 2021)

Review Squid Game (2021)

Squid Game mixes up several genres and concepts of films but specifically Battle Royale and Escape Room. A secret organization out of the blue offers several debtors to earn a large prize of money if they join their competition. But it's one you will have to win otherwise you will end up death. 

For the most part I had a real good time with Squid Game. Certain scenes are very thrilling and disturbing. The majority of the cast do a real good job in selling you the terror that is bestowed upon them. You will learn to love them, hate them and love them again. Some of the characters are quite complex. However like with many Netflix shows it suffers from episodes that are super slow. Now it's not that I can't appreciate that. Still there has to be something to it. If a moment is slow but has a lot of impact it becomes meaningful. But these scenes don't do anything particular other than to prolong the duration of an episode. It seriously detracts from the viewing experience especially if the finale isn't as rewarding or impactful as it could and should have been. It's beyond me why they didn't go into the history of some characters. Just to get a sense of why they owed so much debt. I think this is the part most people wonder about. Especially ones who haven't experienced it themselves. This show could give a glimpse how people get into massive debt. 

Squid Game in essence is also a mystery show that doesn't reveal too much for a long time. Now I did figure out one twist early one because I noticed something weird going on. I only couldn't figure out why. To my dismay the reason that was given was unimaginative and meaningless. I truly wished writers of shows like these would be more creative. This also is valid for how a specific character behaves at the end. It doesn't make much sense. Sure it could have been guilt or shock. Although several times in the show the person had found motivation to change up. After all that has happened to act or live like this person did was pathetic, stupid and disrespectful to the other contestants.

The ending clearly suggests a second season is coming. And if that is filled with thrills and spectacle as was featured in this season then I am looking forward to that. However I do wish that the mystery elements and storytelling will improve somewhat. It needs more substance, depth and surprises. Especially regarding the fact that a big event like this can happen without authorities even being aware of this.

Review Midnight Mass (2021)

From the two I think I was more compelled with this one. However like with Squid Game it has some flaws.

Midnight Mass takes it time to introduce you to the characters and events. Especially the events will unfold slowly. A little too much if you ask me. But for the most part it works because it helps building up the tension and atmosphere. Especially the latter is incredibly effective. There is a lot of darkness and eeriness brooding without revealing too much of what is really going on. Eventually of course it becomes clearer what is going on. Midnight Mass for sure is horror but with a twist. The show focuses on religion and how easy it is to manipulate people in a certain way. But worse how far people are willing to go into their belief system even if moral lines are crossed. This is the true terror. 

At first glance the people seem to be normal law abiding citizens. And to my surprise also seemed like they were quite progressive as they even hired a Muslim as their sherrif. Small towns and island like these usually don't take kindly to strangers. Naturally under the surface a whole lot more is going on but the fanaticism of the folks is undeniable. Viewers who aren't familiar with life in small towns might think that this show is exaggerating. Unfortunately it's pretty spot on. Here in The Netherlands there are certain Christian towns where they are super fanatic and are known to go fully crazy supposedly in order to defend themselves and their faith. Even if it goes against the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. There is no reasoning with them. And that is indeed scary as hell.

I have mixed feelings about the finale as it is exciting and disappointing at the same time. It's like they wanted things to end quickly which is weird since up until this point events were slow as hell. Still I can't deny that overall I had a good time watching it so it certainly is going to be worth your time. 

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