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Review Gunpowder Milkshake (2021): It's like a John Wick parody but without any laughs!

genre: action, adventure, thriller

Karen Gillan and Lena Heady as gunslingers? That could be very interesting. Especially when you add Carla Gugino, Angela Basset and Michelle Yeoh to the mix. Yeoh is a veteran of the girls with guns genre and even if it has been a while for her to do such a role she feels right at home. She is the only one of the bunch who actually looks good pulling of some gun fu moves. As for the rest, oh boy....where to start?

If like me you were hoping for some kick ass action John Wick style I will have to disappoint you. I mean writer / director Navot Papushado has tried real hard to mimic the style and lore of that film. But either he didn't get what made that film fun or he infused too much of his own flavour into things. First and foremost though Navot thought he could wing it. This is very apparent in the choreography and the flow of the action scenes. It looks fake and therefore not thrilling or exciting at all. Everyone involved with the resurgence of high octane Hong Kong style action have worked hard at it. For some it even took years to look capable. But here you can tell you have a bunch of amateurs at work. Except for Michelle Yeoh, who is featured in the two only good and last action scenes.The action should have been the highlight. Now it's just utterly dull and boring. I could sense there was an attempt at humour but if there were any jokes all of them fell flat. None of them arrived. The dialogue is cringy. It almost felt deliberate as to make of of everything. But without jokes that is just terrible. However you aren't meant to laugh. All of what is transpiring should be taken seriously. That just blows my mind. Because how can one take crap like this seriously. 

I can't really blame the cast. They do their best to work with what they have got. Even if it's obvious that Lena Heady is very limited when it comes to action. She is supposed to be the ultra cool and suave Chow Yun-Fat character and fails to deliver that charm and fire Chow used to give us. It doesn't help that Lena Heady has some work done on her face. It completely distracted me. Why the hell would she do this? She was beautiful. I will never ever get this.

I really wanted to like this but there is nothing fun about Gunpowder Milkshake. Cool title and poster tough! I demand a reboot with someone who knows his or her stuff. For now, avoid!

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