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Review The Forever Purge (2021): I liked the expansion of the premise but other than that it's more of the same but a lot tamer.

genre: action, horror, thriller

The Purge had a cool idea and basically has been repeating that same idea with here and there an addition to that premise. Now people want more than one day. Instead of opting for two or three days they don't want it to stop. Obviously this is to be expected with the evil and blood thirsty people around but come on surely this would lead to more bloodshed than we got?

It's obvious that The Forever Purge is referring to the insurrectionists who tried to overthrow the government in Januari this year. But the people in the film are clearly more organized and therefore scarier. Even if they are depicted as the same random imbeciles you have seen in many news reports on Youtube or TV. And honestly I think it's good that attention is paid to them because these imbeciles could get more dangerous if not tackled properly. It is therefore a little disappointing that not more is done to get more insight into these people. Where does their hate come from? Is it indeed the same old or is there more going on? I would say that one of the biggest issues in the US is the ignorance and lack of proper education. One of the forever purgers said that the Mexicans are stealing jobs. It's an old trope and maybe for some that is true. From what I have seen is that many Mexican immigrants do the jobs these Americans don't want to do. In a way they are filling a much needed gap and therefore benefiting the American economy. So how can this be a bad thing? Yes, for that American who doesn't want to do the job it's very likely they don't have the education or skills to do other jobs in the first place. In the end killing all foreigners as they say won't lead to a better situation for anyone since they still wouldn't get hired. It would have been nice had this been explored.

Mind you, despite the premise The Purge films never have been deep. So I didn't really expect that much in the political department. However I had hoped for better action and thrills. In this regard The Forever Purge is completely disappointing. I mean it's decent and entertaining enough but more of the same with tamer action. I mean there is some violence but nowhere near the level of shocking, disturbing and exciting as it could have been. Having a bunch of organized thugs who are willing to go against police, army and whoever stands in their way should be terrifying.

If you aren't too demanding you will be able to find some enjoyment out of it. However if you were hoping for better and more than The Forever Purge has dropped the ball significantly.

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