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Review The Purge: Anarchy (2014): Frank Grillo steals the show!

genre: horror, crime, action

This sequel still does not capitalize fully on it's premise and the possibilities. However it's a major improvement on the first as it is grander in scale. 

It's more action based and the main character is far more likable. Plus more emotion has been given to the characters so you actually care for them a lot more than in the original. And as much as I enjoyed it I still have trouble accepting the premise. It's so absurd and goes against human psychology. Just for the simple fact of if you don't want to hurt or kill someone ever why would you suddenly do it when it's allowed? The Purge and The Purge Anarchy imply that so much frustration and anger is build up that on that day you want to do these criminal acts. Very unlikely. More likely would be to steal money from the rich or stores or something. But to kill. I think that is too much for the most of us. Besides who on Earth would stay home on this day. If The Purge is an American thing would not everyone flee at least abroad for a few days. 

That being said though The Purge Anarchy isn't boring one second. It moves fast and it's full of action. Granted some actions from the people in this movie won't make a lot of sense. But it provides incredible entertainment. So you will be to overlook that and get immerse in the events that occur. 

I do have to mention Frank Grillo as the hero. He has that something that makes you want to root for him even when he is playing a bad guy like he did in Captain America: The Winter Soldier or the same role in Captain America Civil War. He totally stole the show and let's hope we will see more of him in lead roles. All in all good fun!

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