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My thoughts on The Block Island Sound (2020), Let Him Go (2020), El Practicante (2020), Red Screening (2020), A Perfect Enemy (2020) and Antoinette dans les Cévennes (2020)

The Block Island Sound (2020)

The Block Island Sound very quickly starts with strange events occurring. But does it in a way you really are wondering what is going on. What I really liked about the mystery is that you can try to guess but you still won't be close until it's revealed. Now the reveal is out there but one I thoroughly enjoyed since it was a nice pay off for the suspense and tension that is built up. The actors do a good job of selling events. In particular the crazy paranoid friend played by Jim Cummings who will make more sense gradually.

Let Him Go (2020)

Ok, I went into this pretty blind. Well, I did see the trailer but like good trailers it only teased it didn't actually reveal events. Immediately I thought of Deliverance. And I was expecting truly horrific and gruesome things. While there is some of that present it's more straightforward than you think. However there is a constant tension and brooding atmosphere foretelling you that certain events won't play out nicely. The film might not be shocking but I was immersed enough to care.

El Practicante a.k.a. The Paramedic (2020)

It's clear very early on that the main character is one sick individual. However it didn't prevent me from rooting for the guy since on a certain level it does make sense for him to be they way he is. Now don't get me wrong. There are no redeeming elements about him. But the character development is so poor and lacking that you won't have much to go on. Partner Vane for example isn't fleshed out at all. And she comes across as a little cold and selfish. You won't automatically side with her even if we should. Nonetheless the 90 minutes will go by fast and you will have a good time. Except the ending is a little stupid. I know they went for the twisty and bizarre ending. Would have made sense had we actually gotten time to spend more time with her and her predicament. As it is now it's comically bad.

Red Screening (2020)

In essence this is a slasher film where the killer is little overpowered. He kills people left and right during a screening of a film in a cinema without the people being aware of it. I don't know. Maybe I am too curious for my own good but I already notice people standing up or being loud. Let alone if some guy would murder people. Still, I liked the vibe and almost could smell the popcorn. It's obvious that this is intended as a throwback to Eighties Horror and that gives this film the majority of it's charm. Unfortunately it doesn't really do anything fresh or creative. It did remind me a little of Anguish (1987) but that one was filled with surprises. Overall I had a good time. I surely will be looking forward to future (horror) projects from director Maximiliano Contenti.

A Perfect Enemy (2020)

This is one that will enrage you. Not only does it contain one of the most annoying female characters in film history it also is completely stupid. I am very aware that this is being called a clever psychological thriller and it requires thought. Except that is exactly the problem. You don't really need to think since everything is spelled out for you. I also believe that zero research has been done on the true psychological effects of trauma and some of the events in this film. I know psychology as much as supernatural phenomenon are a way for writers to be fantastical but even then things have to be grounded in realism. There is a logic to it. Maybe not always something you would agree with or understand. Here they go over the top and super weird in no time. And had the journey truly been profound and impactful I would be the first to applaud. But it ended without giving me something substantial.

Antoinette dans les Cévennes (2020)

A sweet little film about a teacher madly in love with a married man who even goes so far to go on the same trip as his family does. It's obvious what she is hoping to gain from it but clearly her love can't never be. Donkey Patrick who is to accompany on her walks gives her the much needed insight and true love she needs. On her journey she also encounters several other people who all in their way share a little wisdom about her predicament. I loved this film. In the first place because of Patrick. Second, Antoinette is a well rounded and fleshed character who is confronted with many truths and is dealing with life in a very charming and graceful manner. I can wholeheartedly recommend this.

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