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Reviews The Misfits (2021) and Trippin' with the Kandasamys (2021)

genre: comedy, crime, action, heist

Review The Misfits (2021)

After James Bond Pierce Brosnan had himself specialized in making heist comedies where his characters were similar to Bond but a little more edgy and sociopathic. I am thinking of The Thomas Crown Affair, After the Sunset and The Matador. I could have sworn when viewing the trailer this was a sequel to The Thomas Crown affair which got me a little excited.

Just for a few seconds though because it quickly dawned on me that everything about this film is one big joke. I mean if the final result is actually what they had intended then all involved must have been delusional or just joined for tax purposes. Let's start with the crew. Nick Cannon, Jamie Chung and some guy called Wick who looks like a Korean boy band member. None of them were funny. Nick Cannon is trying real hard to get the laughs and every attempt he fails. On top of that I simply didn't believe him as an experienced criminal with a heart of gold. But wait there is another member who is supposed to be super cool and mysterious. However when he reveals himself you can't help but laugh at him. Rami Jaber who also helped produce this film is called The Prince and every time he opens his mouth I am taken out of the film. I don't want to be harsh but I have to be honest. They guy is one of the worst actors I have seen. He has one expression and a monotonous voice. Now if he had a real smooth and dark voice that might have helped making his character more interesting. Except he sounds like a transman who only just got her voice adjusted. 

For some reason they recruit Pierce Brosnan because he is an expert in pulling off brilliant heists and escapes. Yet when we are introduced to him he was in jail. At this time I was still hopeful that both Pierce and Tim Roth would make events a little more compelling. I waited and waited and fell asleep. Mrs. P. had continued watching. I asked her if it was worth going back to watch the film from the moment where I dozed off. "This is easily the worst film I have seen this year". Now normally for the sake of fairness I do try to watch a film again. Only why would I waste my precious time with this crap? And make no mistake, this is absolutely crap! This film has no redeeming elements whatsoever. And for the one hoping to see some wonderful stunts and action. Forget about it. I did watch how the heist ensued and some events after. If anything, the heist consists of one totally disgusting vomit sequence that never ends. I am ok with blood and gore. But vomit even if it is fake, that is something I really don't like to see. I am fine if they show that off-screen. Somehow, you have these filmmakers who are so proud of it that they want you to see it from all angles. Those people have issues.

Overall The Misfits is one giant waste of time. It's no fun at all. And shame on Brosnan and Roth for being part of this awful production.

Review Trippin' with the Kandasamys (2021)

When browsing for new titles I came across this one. I watched the trailer and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it seemed. It was light and the jokes were actually funny. So I decided to watch this not realizing that it's the third film in a franchise. So is it worth it? 

This won't be for everyone but certainly suited to watch on a rainy Sunday. I liked the two main characters but disliked the rest. Except the grandma and the young couple. The grandma could and should have been the funniest. But her delivery is off. A little slow. Like she has trouble remembering her lines.Otherwise she would have been killing it.  The story is utterly predictable. Still you can't help but sympathize with for example Jennifer. Her husband is blatantly flirting with his best friend's sister. It's something I can't stand even in films. It's shows a total disregard and disrespect to your loved one. Why would you ever do it? But believe it or not this is pretty common within Indian communities. As like if you do it out in the open it's less harmless. It's not. Now I was hoping for some payback or at least a fight or two. Except the two main characters Jennifer and Ugan are a little too nice and inept to be real tough. Only at the end they open their mouth. Had they immediately spoken out their disgust for their husbands mistreating them  they would not have to deal with the drama that ensues later in the film.

In hindsight I had expected more jokes. But I can't complain too much I was entertained.

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