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Review Re-Animator - Integral Cut (1985): The best version!

genre: horror. comedy, science fiction

You might be wondering what the Integral Cut entails. There were two versions of Re-Animator. An unrated one with all the blood and gore left in. Then there was a R Rated version where a lot of the violence and blood had been cut. Instead there were dialogue scenes added. These were intended to replace the violence but helped flesh out the characters and story. The Integral Cut is the best of both worlds where the blood and gore is untouched but also featured the extra dialogue scenes to give the story more meat. No pun intended.

And I do have to say that the overall viewing experience has improved considerably because of this. I remember seeing the original and laughing a lot more. But now I was actually more horrified by events since for example Dr. Carl Hill played by David Gale easily shows what a true monster is like. There are quite a few memorable scenes with him. But one in particular is pretty gross, disturbing and ultimately shocking. Herbert West played by Jeffrey Combs might be a madman he is not nearly as insane and evil as Dr. Hill. But if you are familiar with Combs you know that he will be trouble in some way. The trouble he causes is immense and catastrophic and I love him for it. He is like no holds barred mad scientist who goes on and on until he has reached his goal. There is no doubt that he is brilliant but is not exactly a people's person however he is infinitely more human than Hill who even in the beginning of the film is what you call a very loathsome character.

Biggest draw of course is the blood and violence. Another film that proves that practical effects are superior to CGI. None of it looks dated. Except maybe the cat. But would you turn your back on him and laugh it off. I don't think so. Another reason most of you probably decided to check this film out is the fact that this film is loosely based on a short story (Herbert West–Reanimator) written by H. P. Lovecraft. Apparently, he had intended it to be a parody of Marry Shelly's Frankenstein. In that regard one could say director Stuart Gordon has succeeded to bring that element in his film. Actually it is one of the reasons he decided to make this film since he felt there were too many vampire films being made.

If you were hoping to see some cosmic horror appear in this film I will have to disappoint you. It has no connection to The Elder Gods or The Ancient Ones. Still there is plenty of body horror to be enjoyed so it's not something you will miss. Definitely one I can recommend especially if you like zombie films.

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