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Review The Demolitionist (1995): Entertaining Female RoboCop Rip-off!

genre: action, science fiction, super hero

The Demolitionist is one of those titles I was aware of but never bothered to check out since back then it was considered a low grade action flick. Like it was even regarded lower as a B flim. Usually those titles weren't worth it one bit. Now after having watched it I can honestly say that it definitely deserves more credit and praise than it did.

In my search for Gun fu titles old and new I saw this title mentioned. Naturally I wanted to check this out as soon as possible. This turned out to be a real task since apparently it's a rare title to get a hold off. With a little luck I found the Blu-Ray version online. I took a gamble and purchased it. And when it arrived I was real hesitant to actually watch it. When it comes to these titles you have to be in a certain mind set to truly appreciate them. I really didn't want to have a poor viewing experience so I waited. But then the pandemic happened and my perspective on life and my passions completely changed. However I think more and more I have been able to give the pandemic a place and do feel confident and optimistic to pick up my life and passions. On a whim I popped in The Demolitionist and braced myself for the worst. But apart from some B film clich├ęs the film actually is quite decent. It's nowhere near as bad and cheesy as one would expect. For the most part you are supposed to take the film seriously. But at the same time you really shouldn't since the film plays out like one big live action cartoon. At times you can tell that the film had a low budget. In the commentary it's stated by director Robert Kurtzman that he was given 4 weeks to shoot and no day more. And that is what he did. 

Another problem is that Richard Grieco as the main villain is disappointing. It's obvious he is a bad dude. But truly evil and menacing? I was more scared of Suzan Tyrrel of Mayor Eleanor Grimbaum. The faces she makes are priceless and completely disturbing. They could and should have made her the main baddie. I was also ready to blast Nicolle Eggert as the lead but she was pretty badass overall. Sure she can't really convince in the dramatic parts. Still at least it was never as bad as for example Tommy Wiseau. I bought her as the super cop and that's what matters. The action is pretty enjoyable. Enough gun play and explosions. Only it's not that stylish or choreographed. There are some brutal moments. If only they would have more of those. But they didn't want this film to go above a R Rating. The one thing I did find problematic was the pacing. It's 100 minute film but especially in the beginning feels like it takes forever for events to start happening. If this was all buildup for several cool and plentiful action sequences I would not have any problems with the initial slow pace. But it's that the film doesn't flow well. There are too many uneventful slow moments in between the action scenes that detract from the fun factor. I realize that this is all because of budget reasons. So does make me wonder what would Kurtzman have done if he had more money?

What truly made this film more fun for me were the cameos in this film. Reggie Bannister (Phantasm franchise), Tom Savini (a living legend), Heather Langenkamp (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and last but not least freaking Bruce Campbell is in this. I was like wait a minute, is that Bruce? Yep, it's him. He plays one of the gang members and gets to murder someone on the screen. Kurtzman managed to get these names in this film due to his involment as the special effects guy. He himself made it clear that this directorial debut was a passion project and it warms my heart to find out that all these names were very happy and willing to help him out. 

There is not more I could say about The Demolitionist. It's decent enough and entertaining. These days that's all I could ask for.

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