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Review Event Horizon (1997): Unfortunately doesn't hold up!

genre: science fiction, horror, thriller

Event Horizon is one of those films that has plenty of good elements yet the culmination of these good elements don't make it a good film. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. But perhaps never delivers the climax you are promised.

So what are the good elements? I watched the remastered version and have to say that the cinematography and effects still look phenomenal. The eye candy is top notch and still holds up. I also liked how at first there is focus on building up tension and atmosphere rather than giving you jump scares every five seconds. The cast. They all bring their A game. And both Sam Neill and Laurence Fishburne give this film the credibility it deserves. It's not their fault they are let down by the plot and direction. One could describe Event Horizon to be Hellraiser in Space. It is very Lovecraftian and it's one of the things that make you look forward to the climax.

Then why does Event Horizon fail to truly make an impact? Because at one point the film decides to ramp up the ridiculous in lightning speed. It's such a contrast to the slow and brooding atmosphere in the beginning. If they had stuck to this the thrills and terror would have had a better and lasting effect. Especially since it completely skips the psychological aspects. You don't really get the chance to see who the characters are and why some of the things that happen to them could just be figments of their imagination. It takes away the suspense and tension. Sam Neill's character development for example is pretty flawed. He stands out a little too soon and you know there is something up with him. Mind you he just could have been a difficult character who would rise up to the ocassion. It would have added the depth that was needed. Even with the brooding atmosphere Event Horizon doesn't succeed in terrifying you. Even Horizon is never scary. Because you know what's coming pretty much all the time. And why wasn't there a better climax? If the journey to the destination was more compelling and worthwhile maybe then it would have been fine. But even then I would have liked a better payoff. 

Overall if you watch this for the first time then for the most part you will find enjoyment. On multiple viewings though the film will disappoint through and through.                                                                                    

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