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Review Lady Battle Cop a.k.a. Onna batoru koppu (1990): Women were made for tennis?

genre: action, adventure, crime, science fiction

Honestly I didn't know of it's existence and with me I think a lot of people are unaware. And that is a real shame because if we had then we could have made sure this film would have gotten a proper release and thus made money so that maybe just maybe we could have gotten a new franchise out of it. 

Lady Battle Cop is a blatant rip off from Robocop but instead of a male cop it's a female tennis player who turns into a cyborg. Now before you get all excited there are a lot of redeeming factors. However it's also a film that is heavily flawed and here and there suffers from having a low budget and poor narrative. First of all it's not really established well that the world portrayed is in uproar nor explained why that is. It just asks of you to believe that this is the case. It's also a world where many different ethnicities work together in harmony. Especially the villains. The bad guys of the story might be ruthless and vicious you can't blame them for discriminating people. Then again these are the same people who shoot people first and then ask questions later. Plus they have no problem raping women like our main character Kaoru Okoshiba / Lady Battle Cop played by Azusa Nakamura.

First and foremost this is an action flick. There is some nice gun play and a lot of cool badassery or badass coolness. No matter how you describe it the point I am trying to make that it's awesome. I do realize that I am creating some expectations which probably is not fair to the film. Still it's proof that a film can do a lot on effort and charm alone. 

You probably also are wondering why I asked that women are made for tennis. Since the main character is a female tennis player her theme song consists of this phrase. I am not sure if the translation is quite right or they actually sing it. But if they do I don't quite know if this is a compliment or insult. I assume it's the first. 

In any case if by now you aren't convinced that you should watch this then I don't know what to say. This definitely is a must watch for sure!

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