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Review Luke Cage (Season 2): Lots of great moments with a very good ending but very flawed!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, crime, drama

Mike Colter as Luke Cage definitely has made this show more appealing than if it had solely relied on storytelling. The guy oozes charm even if at times the character is struggling to make his point across. But this time around the storytelling certainly has improved. Problem is that there is only enough for around 8 episodes. 

As with most of the Marvel Netflix shows there are too many episodes. There are just too many scenes that are dragged out or are just filler. I mean I get Harlem's Paradise is the place to be but was it really necessary to play out full songs? I get that often through these songs emotions are expressed. However most of the time nothing really significant was happening with these characters. And to me these often took me out of the show. Actually they motivated me to skip these scenes as it didn't add anything for me. The slow burning also detracted from the momentum and tension built. I don't really get why anyone self respecting filmmaker would allow this to happen. Some of the drama was forced. The problems between Luke and Claire were very stereotypical. In the beginning Claire had a pretty cool outlook on super heroes especially when she started to get more involved with Luke. Her attitude now just sucked. I for one didn't miss her one bit and she wasn't even given a chance to share a scene with him after she had left him. It's quite something to go from a likable character to one you hardly miss. 

Thankfully Luke Cage has some really good interaction with other people. I couldn't stop smiling. Especially with the cameo appearance of Danny Rand. I would not have minded for him to be part of this season more than one episode. They were awesome together. His interactions with Misty Knight also are funny. She has her own problems to deal with but is not forgetting Luke is taken and won't even let him crash at her place. Although if they are just best buddies why wouldn't she. Unless she knows she won't be able to resist. I liked how Luke Cage went from being the reluctant hero to someone who wants to do everything he can or even go beyond even if that means he will upset some people. 

It was fun to see Luke Cage have an enemy who is just as strong or even stronger making him question his abilities but more so his pride. Up until he encounters Bushmaster he never really had to put effort into defeating his enemies. Bushmaster made him see he could be just as vulnerable as others if he wasn't careful. I wished that they would have seized the opportunity to have Luke train or at least give us a demonstration how powerful Luke Cage truly is. I can't help but feel that this might be due to budget constraints or just because they want the live action heroes to be more human. Bushmaster is a good complex villain but his accent and that of others were awful. They kept talking like they were in some parody of some sorts. 

Naturally I won't spoil the ending but even if it was a bit rushed it makes sense to me. And actually makes everything pretty compelling. Shame that the show is canceled and not coming back or at least not on Netflix. He might on Disney plus. One can only hope. I would like to see more of Luke Cage and his new position in Harlem. 

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