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Review Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2019): Cowabunga dude!

genre: animation, super hero, comic book adaptation, action

Never expected to see the day that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would cross over to the Batman universe. I mean sure The Turtles aren't new to a more serious and darker depiction. But to be featured in the same world where Batman resides is something that would require a lot of explaining to make it work. 

And while at first it does seem a bit weird tonally this animated film does manage to stay true to both Batman and The Turtles. It helps that Batman is very experienced in dealing with raging teenagers who have trouble remaining calm and composed. Even he is not very welcoming to their presence in his city. But let's face it, when is Batman actually welcoming to strangers without having reservations? He warms up to them eventually mostly due to their charm and spirit. Besides he can't deny they are extremely skilled and could be better warriors if they wouldn't be impulsive and followed orders. Then Raphael teaches him that working as a team / family is always better than doing things alone. Something that other partners have told him over and over again. I don't know Batman can be immense stubborn.

The roster of villains is huge. And therefore there is quite a lot of action to be enjoyed. But what made things more fun for me was the comedic relief done by Michelangelo. His youthful enthusiasm is catchy, funny and incredibly entertaining.  I also liked the soundtrack. Haven't watched a Turtles cartoons in years but yet somehow a lot of the background tracks seemed familiar to me. They also enhance the fights since it truly gives you the feeling something epic is going on. Even when it's not. Most likely the dread has been toned down due to making the film more child friendly. 

Overall this is a very solid entry in franchise and wouldn't mind to have The Turtles return. 

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