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Review Daredevil (Season 3): I agree, this truly is the best season of the show!

genre: comic book adaptation, super hero, action, crime, drama

Season 3 continues where The Defenders left off. Everybody believes Matt Murdock / Daredevil has been crushed under the building that collapsed. Naturally Daredevil has survived. And of course he will be back on his feet in no time. Right?

Like with previous entries in the franchise the show deals with doubt. Or the sacrifices people have to make when fighting crime. Honestly at this point it's getting tedious. Sure most of the Marvel heroes are very human and come with a whole set of flaws. But one thing I always admired about them was that despite the bad hand they are dealt sometimes they would still fight the good fight no matter what. It's what makes them heroes. Abilities or not. It takes Matt like two or three episodes to realize what he should do. And two more to put himself back into the game. Far too long for my taste. But this time I endured it because it was made tolerable by the addition of Joanne Whalley as Sister Maggie. And the fact that some events occur that destroy any doubts I had about the show and where it was going. 

Of course I won't spoil. But let's just say that the writers of the show have managed to put in some interesting developments and have been able to demonstrate what some pivotal characters are really about. I mean Wilson Fisk for example is not named Kingpin for the fun of it. And Vincent D'Onofrio might have been the best person to portray him after all. I wasn't entirely sure to be honest. But I guess him being more human and still committing the evil acts makes him even more dangerous.

But what would Daredevil be without the action. In the end the action is sometimes I care for more than any character development. And it's easily on par with previous seasons. Perhaps even better. They certainly are bigger and grander. Especially the one take prison fight is mesmerizing. It looked like something out of an Eighties Hong Kong action flick featuring Jackie Chan or Donnie Yen. And it was one of the main events that got me real excited for the rest of the show. 

Overall season 3 is smaller scale wise but nevertheless more personal and epic. Don't mind the slow parts. Every event in this season is going to be worth your time!

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