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Review Monster Hunter (2020): I wasn't bored a single second.

genre: video game adaptation, action, adventure, fantasy

Sometimes it's a real blessing not to be hindered by knowledge. I am very aware of the franchise that is Monster Hunter. I kinda have an idea what it's about but I never ever played a game in that franchise. Seems to work in your favour if you don't know that much about the games although I was able to detect little nods to the franchise or let's say I was able to recognize gameplay mechanics used in RPG games. So it's only fair to credit Paul W.S. Anderson for doing that.

Monster Hunter is pretty entertaining especially since events move along in a very fast pace. You aren't really given a chance to think about what is occurring too much. Now that doesn't mean it's without flaws. Actually it's immensely flawed and downright insulting sometimes. For example the fact that Milla Jovovich is playing a character who acts like a white saviour and Mary Sue. She is this super duper marine who ends up in a alien world of people and cultures she knows nothing of and yet manages to be on top of everything and do things none of the people who have been living there their entire life. I mean Tony Jaa's character saves her many times and she still acts like she is better than him. It's Tony Jaa for god sake. He can do things in real life normal people only can dream of. And I am sorry, I like Milla but she can't even do a fraction of what he can do. That being said Tony Jaa still is one of the main reasons why Monster Hunter is fun to watch. I wished Hollywood would let go of their old ideas that you need an established Hollywood start to make a film successful. Tony Jaa is very capable of choreographing good stunts and action scenes. Had they let him do what he is best at we would have been in for a much better treat. Besides it was his involvement that made me decide to check this film out. And I am sure that for most he is the real draw and not Milla.

Monster Hunter is basically a popcorn film that delivers on the action and adventure. Nothing more and nothing less. I was surprised to see some people featured that weren't in the trailer. And not going to lie that helped made the film more fun. It also helps to watch the 4K version of this film since it does enhance the viewing experience when watched on a big 4K screen. 

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