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Review Greenland (2020): Surprising disaster film!

genre: disaster, action, thriller, adventure, drama

Gerard Butler sometimes has the knack to be in really bad films. This never has been a problem for me since some of them even offer something entertaining. Even if there are exceptions to the rule like for example Geostorm. That one was bad without any redeeming factors. Fortunately Greenland is nothing like Geostorm.

Greenland in essence is a disaster film. But it's one that focuses on other matters. Usually you would have Butler be the one to stop the disaster somehow. In this one Butler is one of many people fighting to survive. Gerard Butler's character John Garrity does whatever he can for his wife and son to be save. John is burdened with guilt. We will find out why that is. It's a bit cliche. What's not cliche is the fact how his wife responds to it. Granted she is not really been given time to consider an alternative. However I would like to think that this disaster has put matters in perspective for her and others. That being said these characters are very flawed. Morena Baccarin's character Allison for example is a bit in denial when events start to happen. Especially considering her son. He is diabetic and apparently not very aware of this fact and constantly has to be told to take in insulin. Then why would she let him pack his own bag and not make sure he has it with him at all times? Or at least she should carry it for him. Still the son is a bit annoying in how he behaves. One could argue that he is still very young and not worldly. But I promise you even then you will shout at the screen for his passiveness. 

When events start to happen it looks like you can predict what is going to happen. And it's here where Greenland is different. Because it then points out issues you weren't expecting at all. Once you fully are into this mindset you will also find yourself screaming or arguing about what is transpiring. Since these are very sensitive topics. Greenland is very confronting with some harsh truths. Especially if you aren't paying close attention to the situation in the film. Mind you it does seem most people are kept in the dark about the situation. Still, if certain potential catastrophic events could happen would I be calm, composed and passive? Or would I be a little paranoid and prepare myself the best I can? 

In any case Greenland is quite intense and super thrilling at times and you will definitely have an entertaining viewing experience. 

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