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Review Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018): Like Spider-Man Noir says, this is a hardcore origin story!

genre: animation, super hero, comic book adaptation, action, adventure

The first time when I watched Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse I loved it. And like with most films I watched it was my intention to write a review for it. Only turned out that I had forgotten quite a lot about the story and the events in the film. So I decided to watch it a second time and I can tell you that I love it even more now. 

A possible explanation for why I probably have forgotten so many details is the fact that a lot is happening in the film. It's immensely fast paced and it throws too many events, characters and plot lines at you which is rather overwhelming. This animated film is trying to do too much. While Into the Spider-Verse makes up for many of it's flaws, I can't help but think that had they cut down some of the plot lines, Into the Spider-Verse would have been a far stronger film. Now that would suggest that this isn't the case now. Don't worry, this origin story of Miles Morales is very powerful. It hits the right notes more than it doesn't. 

It's strange. When I watched this the first time, I found it really refreshing how funny the film was. The lighter tone in the beginning was what drew me in the story. And it was a nice contrast with the darker tone. Now the second time, I thought that some of the comic relief wasn't as effective as it could have been. And at times I also thought that it was a bit inappropriate. But that was because this time around I was more invested in the dramatic side of the story. I would have liked to have seen more of Jefferson Davis and Miles Morales together. Especially since Jefferson is a very pivotal character for Miles. However it was nice to see an older Peter Parker / Spider-Man be a mentor and father figure for him as well. He is more cynical and pessimistic than Morales and provides a good contrast between older Spider-Man and him. Another fun element was to get introduced to other versions of Spider-Man than the usual suspects. Although if you pay attention you will also be able to detect them.

Not going to lie while I appreciate the animation now, I did have to get used to it. It's immensely stylized and sometimes makes it look like the animation isn't flowing quite right. Although the 4K UHD version is buttery smooth. So I guess it depends on what medium you watch it. An extra consequence of this style of animation (stepped animation) is that it literally looks like a live action comic book.  The visuals are outstanding. Do I really have to mention the HDR makes the colours pop? 

As stated before I love this animated film. It does exactly what a superhero is supposed to do. I wished time travel is possible and the makers of this film could go back into time and fix the X-Men movies. Since it's clear that they know and respect the source material but aren't afraid to infuse their own ideas. So definitely a must watch!

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