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Review Rogue One (2016) 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray version: Undoubtedly the best film of Disney Star Wars!

genre: action, adventure, science fiction

It was my intention to write a review for Rogue One after I had seen it in the cinema. However back then I had some mixed feelings about it. In general I liked it but I couldn't help be a little disappointed when it came to certain elements. However after having watched the 4K Ultra HD version I liked it a whole lot better.

I guess back then my expectations were too high. For example I had hoped the role of Donnie Yen would have been more significant. Looking at it now Donnie Yen's character is quite pivotal in the events so I can't honestly complain about that too much. However it's a shame they didn't let him do more combat. I mean if you get Donnie Yen in your picture you have got to let him fight and kick ass. For some reason I also couldn't enjoy the action sequences as much as I did now. I do think they are very much Star Wars worthy. Plus I liked how this film ties in to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Because of that it actually feels like more like a Star Wars film than the Disney sequels do.

This time around I felt more for the characters and their struggle. Even if you hardly know the characters you know enough to care. Especially Diego Luna's character is awesome. Cassian Andor is a rebel with a cause and means business. Main character Jyn Erso played by Felicity Jones was very likable. You could picture her as the little girl who is basically orphaned after the main villain Orson Krennic kills her mother and kidnaps her father. But actually I liked all the rebels since they were all fighting the good fight. Alan Tudyk as K-2SO is hilarious as the reprogrammed Imperial security droid. 

What really is impressive about Rogue One that it doesn't spare you. The outlook is dark and grim. It's very much like one of those old school war movies where there are going to be many casualties and deaths. Plus the scale of it all does make these events super epic!  

As stated I watched the 4K UHD Blu-Ray version. And believe me this must be one of the best transfers that exists on this platform. Mind you I just started venturing into 4K but I can already see a major difference between some other titles I have seen. The image is clear, crisp and detailed. But the one thing that I personally can't get enough of is the fact that the colours pop. Most of the time this film is dark and grey but damn when something of colour is shown you will notice. It really enhanced my viewing pleasure ten fold!

Definitely a must own!

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