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Review Intruder a.k.a. Chimipja (2020): Certainly one I can recommend.

genre: mystery, thriller

Kang Seo-jin is an architect who lost his wife in a hit and run accident 6 months ago. Stricken with grief and a drive to find the driver responsible for this, he has a hard time doing his job or taking care of his daughter properly.On top of that he receives news that his long lost sister has been found after 25 years. And this all happens within the first five minutes of the film.

I myself would have liked it had they taken a little more time to set the premise up. But I guess director Sohn Won-Pyung didn't deem this necessary. This director only film a short film before Intruder and while he did a decent job overall. I do think he should have slowed down events in the beginning as now they come at you in lightning speed making it hard to process all the information that is being thrown at you. Especially if that plays a large role dramatically. In any case Seo-jin is very suspicious of the woman claiming to be his sister. In fact he is the only one to be having problems with her as the rest of his family seem to have accepted her immediately. This frustrates him even more. At one point you do start to wonder whether our main character is sane or not. Or he simply is too distraught or confused to be a reliable witness to the events that occur. 

While I think Intruder is a little too ambitious for it's own good when it starts to focus on the main story it manages to draw you in. Too many strange things are happening and even the family members are acting weird. The explanation given is something that can be deduced quite easily but still is a little too far fetched for my taste. However it's so outrageous  and effective that I was very willing to go along with it as it adds to the build up of suspense and even a slight sense of dread. Thing is that apart from a few elements events could very well be possible making everything quite creepy and scary.

I have read that Intruder is predictable and boring. While certain events do play out in the way you would think they would there are still many surprises to be experienced. Intruder does do a good job of keeping you in the dark for a long time. Even manages to make you doubt the main character. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed Intruder and certainly is one I can recommend.

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