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Review The Owners (2020): Not worth your time at all. Skip it!

genre: horror, thriller

Is there life after Game of Thrones? For some cast members there is. I am not so sure of this is the case for Maisie Williams.

The Owners is a film that leans in on Don't Breathe and The Visit only without the tension and surprises. In all honestly I was hoping this film to at least offer some horror goodness and nothing else. However it can't even do that. What you get in return is boredom and confusion. Not that the plot is complicated. But it's so thin and lackluster you simply don't care. I can't even believe that the people involved were fine with the end result. The film does contain some graphic scenes but when they occur it doesn't have the impact it should have. Why? Because all of the characters are extremely unlikable. The youngsters including Maisie are too stupid for words. The old couple do a better job of showing range. Sylvester McCoy can be quite charming. However you are very aware that he plays a character who is pretending to be someone he is not. It completely ruins the immersion of believing that he is a kind old man who doesn't deserve to be terrorized.

How about Maisie Williams? If anything, either she has a bad agent or she is not as talented as one might think. She adds absolutely nothing to her character. If ever there was a time for her to ham up this would be it. Her character needed meat or that one element that would make her more interesting. But for some reason she goes the serious route without even attempting a different style of appearance or expression. She shows the same confused face she had in the entirety of Game of Thrones. In that show though it was very warranted. 

Not worth your time at all. Skip it!

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