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Review Hide and Seek a.k.a. Sum-bakk-og-jil (2013): Absolutely chilling!

genre: mystery, thriller

Seong-soo, our main character, receives news that his brother has gone missing. While he hasn't really been in touch with him because of something that happened in the past, he decides to look into the disappearance of his brother. 

It's the start of a compelling mystery and thrill ride of sheer terror and chills. Hide and Seek does a real good job of playing around with convention and making you look into all kinds of directions. Normally I would applaud more background on vital characters. In this film not knowing increases the suspense. Who is this brother? And why he is estranged from Seon-soo helps? These questions and more help you draw into events. Especially if things get darker and creepier. 

Most of the time when a mystery is revealed the suspense is gone. Not here. I dare to say it actually increases the tension since the audacity of it all is incredibly overwhelming. Sure quite far fetched. But to be honest in this society I could see certain events of this film happening in real life. I do have to add that the actors in this film make everything believable. They are the ones who sell the terror. Real fright and fear is hard to portray especially when you aren't really experiencing it. But naturally credit should also go to the writers and director of the film since they have been incredibly creative with what basically is a very conventional premise. 

I was expecting the usual thrills but I was surprised to get so much more out of this viewing experience. It's absolutely chilling and definitely worth your time!

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