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Review The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion a.k.a. Manyeo (2018)

genre: action, mystery

The Witch might give you the idea that it's a horror film. But in hindsight it's more like a superhero film a la X-Men with a sniff of The Long Kiss Goodnight featuring some John Wick type of action. Before you get all excited there are some caveats. 

One being the pacing of the film. I get that they were trying to cram a lof of story in this first part but that distracts too much from the main plot and is not necessary at all. I liked that they took the time to set up certain characters. Since what happens to them will affect you. And I do have to say that I liked some of the plot twists. These definitely make things more darker and compelling. However I do feel that a lot of the first part could have been trimmed down and made the viewing experience more enjoyable. The slow pace was a real test of my patience. 

It almost takes the film an hour and a half to give you the kick ass action shown in the trailer. Even if you are a trooper and don't mind waiting for good action the action sequences can disappoint a little. And by that I mean they don't last as long as I wanted them them to last. Because of the drawn out exposition and plot the action isn't as impactful as it could have been. The choreography is decent but pales in comparison to John Wick or Man from Nowhere for example. 

The villains in this film are laughably and predictably bad. It's like these villains are straight from an old cartoon where there are no redeeming elements to them at all. You can predict their every move and that just makes them annoying and boring. The kid from Monstrum and Parasite fails to depict a deeper character like he did in those films. I am pretty sure that the makers from this film were heavily inspired by the X-Men. However they failed to grasp what made most of the characters in the comics so interesting. A lot of them have more sides to them and aren't inherently evil or inherently good. They are more in the middle. In this film almost all villains are evil who all deserve to die. 

That being said, despite these flaws I am looking forward to the second part and hope that it will feauture more kickass action and better villains. 

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