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Review The Old Guard (2020): I liked it!

genre: action, fantasy, gun fu

After coming across the trailer of The Old Guard I must admit that I got excited for it since it looked like it was going to be similar to Extraction and John Wick action wise. And the premise of immortals a la Highlander always has intrigued me when that concept was conceived by the original film. So how does The Old Guard fare?

First of all, if you were hoping for non stop action and thrills like in Extraction and John Wick then you will be disappointed. There is enough gun play and combat but it's not to the extent of those films. The combat scenes definitely are well choreographed. Only they lack a little style and intensity. There were moments in the film they could have amped up the action tenfold but neglected to do so. Perhaps this is a budget thing or they are reserving this for the sequel. Yes, this was teased at the end. And actually makes sense. Since potentially events of this film could and should make the sequel far more compelling and thrilling. Still the action scenes that are present are very enjoyable and fun to watch. 

What gives The Old Guard an edge is the premise and the story about a group of immortal mercenaries who are doing their best to create a better world. They very easily could have used their immoratility for evil purposes yet choose to do good. We also get some insight into the drawbacks of immortality. Themes that already have been touched upon and explored in films and shows like Highlander, New Amsterdam and Forever. But maybe are new to people who aren't familiar to those. Still it's something I personally can't get enough of.

I was very happy to see Marwan Kenzari (Aladdin, The Mummy, Black Out) who has a prominent role as one of the immortals. After I had watched and enjoyed his acting in Rabat I had a feeling he was going to do well. But it's admirable he took his passion to the next level. There aren't that many Dutch actors who have been succesfull in Hollywood. And it looks like he is only beginning. The other immortals also are likable and I hope to see them return. 

Overall The Old Guard offers just enough for you to be entertained. It might not be as explosive and action packed I had hoped still I am very much looking forward to the sequel.

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