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Reviews Guns Akimbo (2019), Knives Out (2019), Ford v Ferrari (2019) and Ad Astra (2019).

It's a given you can watch more films than write reviews for. Sometimes it's because you really didn't get the chance to or that you forgot about it. Or sometimes because you feel they don't truly deserve that much attention. Here are my thoughts on films of which some of them do deserve proper reviews and some I actually shouldn't be wasting any time on. So here goes!

Guns Akimbo (2019)

How can you go wrong with Daniel Radcliffe? He usually is very dependable and makes good choices career wise. With this one I am not so sure.

Guns Akimbo is from the same guy who brought us Deathgasm. A film met with praise but also one that perhaps showed promise but ultimately failed to deliver the real goods. Despite this my expectations were a bit high. Especially since a big part of the premise promises a lot of gun play and wild action. It's in this department where the film truly lets down. It's generic, predictable and poorly choreographed. Not a single action scene is thrilling or exciting. Nor are they funny. The whole plot is quite ridiculous and should have caused hilarity throughout the film except it never is. It's just loud, forgettable and pointless. Avoid!

Knives Out (2019)

There are times you have no choice but to put yourself into a situation you don't want to be in for the sake of fairness. After the disaster that was Star Wars: The Last Jedi Rian Johnson apparently felt like he needed to go into another direction. Which is the murder mystery a la Agatha Christie. 

I was dreading the worst since this is one of my most beloved genres. I would never ever forgive him for raping it had he done so. But for what it's worth it's not bad. Still it's not super good either. For one thing it's not that long ago I have seen it but I can barely remember that much about the film. And I can tell you why that is. Not one of the supposed quirky or weird characters stick out. Nor do the events that occur are very thrilling or exciting. There is a brief sense of suspense in the beginning which dies down real soon. At one point you hardly care of the mystery at all. 

I think that Rian Johnson is a writer / director who is very full of himself but actually doesn't know or understand his craft as much as he should. It also looks like he is not a true fan of the genres he has ventured in. If he were I would have seen it. There are better directors out there who deserve a shot above Rian Johnson.

Ford v Ferrari a.k.a. Le Mans '66 (2019)

Now this is what you call a good film. Once you start watching you won't even think about it's long running time or anything. Everything that is displayed on the screen is interesting and compelling. Sure it does emit some details and might depict some characters as villains. For the most part it does seem to be a film about people who are passionate about their cars and the sports. 

Even for people who usually aren't into car porn or this kind of sports this is a delight. So a must watch for sure!

Ad Astra (2019)

It has been a long while ago I watched this but I can still remember almost everything about it. Actually this is one I didn't expect that much of but totally delivered. 

This is science fiction at it's best where you are exposed to some interesting concepts but also doesn't forget what is most important. It's very reminiscent of Interstellar but far superior if you ask me. Ad Astra resonated with me a whole lot more than Interstellar did. Why? For one thing the humans in this film actually act like human beings. The way they talk and behave. Sure Brad Pitt's character is trying to be as professional as he can and apparently is a master of hiding his true feelings. But he is very much a son who is still grieving for the father he has lost. 

Ad Astra also is a very beautiful film to look at and listen to especially on the big screen. It's so weird that I hardly heard anything about this until a reviewer on Youtube mentioned this being among his favourites of 2019. 

It definitely is mine too and perhaps of all time. So a must watch for sure!

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