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Review Hard to Kill a.k.a. Fighting Connection a.k.a. Interpol Connection a.k.a. Zhi zun te jing (1992): Oh Boy!

genre: action, martial arts, crime

There is a reason you never heard of this low budget title. Despite it involving names like Robin Shou, Yukari Oshima, Simon Yam and Phillip Ko who also directed the film.

For some reason all the names I just mention are more like side characters and where a character named King Kong (Chun Hua Li) takes center stage. Supposed lead Robin Shou is not featured as prominently even if you would expect his especially after the opening sequence where he flexes his impressive muscles. Yukari Oshima's character appears after 40 minutes or so and even then has very minimal screen time. Simon Yam is in 1 or 2 flashback scenes which are there to explain why Pang is so hellbent on revenge. King Kong is there to pad the film with comedic antics. I must admit that at occasion he did make me laugh. But eventually he will annoy the hell out of you. 

All of this I could have forgiven as long as the action is plentiful and exciting.It's here where the film truly fails. Sure there are some quick fights and shootouts. But they are over before you know it. The one decent action scene is at the finale but just falls short of what is acceptable even for C flicks. The whole crime plot is lazy and generic. Some of the interactions between Robin Shou's character (Co Chi Pang) and King Kong are entertaining to an extent. As in that Pang certainly has a lot of patience.

At the end of it all I wondered what even the point was of making this film. I mean it lacks heart, style and effort. If you see this being offered for around 3 euro's like I have then see that as a big warning not to buy it. 

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