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Review Tiger Cage 2 a.k.a. Sai hak chin (1990): An improvement on the original!

genre: action, crime, drama, martial arts, bullet ballet

Tiger Cage 2 is a sequel in name only as it has no real connection to the original apart from Donnie Yen and Carol Cheng returning. That and it's more comedic in nature.

I must say that director Yuen Woo-ping did a much better job with this sequel. At least the action scenes are definitely more enjoyable than in the original since they are a bit longer and exciting. One of the highlights is the sword fight between Donnie Yen and John Salvitti ( a good friend of Donnie). However like the original it does spend a little too much time on plot while it's never substantial or compelling. But the interactions between Rosamund Kwan, Donnie Yen and David Wu are quite entertaining. Rosamund definitely brings something to the table even if basically she is a constant damsel in distress. The more comedic and goofy take also helped to make events more compelling even if basically the story is absolutely average at best. 

I do think it is weird how Donnie Yen is not given a chance to be THE lead. And it got me thinking up until Yip Man Donnie Yen very often has been partnered up with other actors like they were afraid he couldn't manage on his own. And apart from Jackie Chan he is one of the few martial artists who actually has improved his acting considerably. 

Definitely an improvement on the original. But still not good enough to be called a classic.

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