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Review Black Christmas (2019): Noting like the original and makes the 2006 remake look like a masterpiece!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

Up until a certain point I was really digging this film until the first SJW comments were uttered. It went all downhill from there.

Trust me if I am saying that I really tried hard to appreciate this film. Of all the things you could say about this it at least tried to do something different. In this case though that didn't work out so well. As the original and even the 2006 remake are better horror films. I don't know exactly what to call this since it's beyond preposterous. At first it did look like this was going to be a slasher in the same vein as Scream where it was going to play around with horror convention. Except it also tried to be Get Out and another title which I won't mention since it would give away too much. Mind you not that spoiling the plot would ruin your viewing experience since by the time you get to the twist most of it will be ruined already.

For some reason this film is trying real hard to piss off people with their SJW propaganda. I mean there are some subjects touched upon that deserve to be explored and be taken seriously. However the young women in this film are hell bent to hate men and what they stand for. Even the domesticated gay guy is not safe from their wrath. They make it real hard to sympathize with them especially when it is clear they aren't ready to be reasonable.

Perhaps I could have forgiven all of the feminist propaganda and the weak storytelling if the film actually delivered on suspense and fright. But Black Christmas 2019 never delivers on this let alone it being fun. Avoid like the plague!

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