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Review The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil a.k.a. Akinjeon (2019): I had a good time watching it!

genre: action, crime, drama

Perhaps the title could have been a little more creative. But it does describe what this film is about. 

A crime boss gets jumped by an unknown assailant. This assailant happens to be a serial killer and failed to do what he was set out to do. Still the crime boss played by Ma Dong-seok a.k.a. Don Lee (Train to Busan) is hell bent on catching this thug. The cop played by Kim Mu-yeol has been chasing the serial killer for a while now and finally feels he is very close to catching him with the help of crime boss Jang Dong-soo.

Only Jang Dong-soo wants to go after the serial killer himself. Things happen and both of them realize that they need each other. So they decide to join forces. It's not a novel concept but it's one that makes this crime drama very compelling. Especially since this supposedly is based on a true story. I wonder how much of this is true though since it's pretty far fetched. The two leads do have good chemistry and sell the concept even further. Mind you apart from this concept most of the events are pretty predictable. In a good way since you get the usual comedic antics combined with hard hitting action and some thrills.

Weakest link in the film is the serial killer. He is supposed to be menacing and scary. And I like how in films super skinny guys are capable of overpowering huge strong men like Don Lee. Why? Because he is a psychopath? Sure craziness might give you some edge but come on that still doesn't give an explanation how he is so strong. For the sake of my enjoyment I ignored this flaw. But if you are going to call someone a devil you do need to bring more to the table. I personally would have appreciated if this serial killer truly was demonic in some way. Unfortunately he just has been very lucky.

Despite the flaws and the predictability I had a good time watching it. And I can see why Sylvester Stallone is about to produce the remake. 

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