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Review The White Storm 2: Drug Lords a.k.a. So duk 2: Tin dei duei kuet (2019): Insulting sequel in name only!

genre: action, crime, drama

The White Storm 2 goes the same route as the SPL franchise where each sequel has very little to do with the original. The reason is obvious but the consequence is that the viewer gets duped because of the high expectations that have been created.

But to be honest I was pretty optimistic for the most part until I realized that instead of making a sold action film they were trying to be political and speak out against drugs. Now there is nothing wrong with that so long it intensifies the drama and the action. Drama wise it succeeds although it's pretty basic. Action wise the film really lets down as it never is of the caliber like for example in the original. Speaking of the original. At least that film took the time to establish characters from different angles. You got exposed to their good and bad characteristics. Making them complete characters you could root for. In this sequel in name only the melodrama it put on so thick that it could have become nauseating. Fortunately because of the sheer star power and charisma Andy Lau possesses you root for him anyways. Then again his character doesn't make much sense. Triads nothing wanting to do with drugs? Come on that is totally ridiculous! Still I could appreciate the nod to The Godfather where The Corleones also made a moral stand against the drug trade. Completely unrealistic nevertheless dramatically interesting.

The biggest problem of the film is that it's obvious what it wants to state without actually explaining the complexities of the drug trade. The film presents it to you in a way that every drug related problem would disappear if you kill of every drug dealer. Big or small! The whole world has been doing that with very little to no success. Of course this is not the solution. Because like most films they skip over the fact that there is a demand for drugs. It's there and these drug dealers provide than need. It's not because of these dealers that suddenly people start using drugs. I know that this is a popular notion but it simply is not true nor properly investigated.

Now I could have lived with the political message as long as the action sequences were good. It's here where the film truly lets down. It's like director Herman Yau couldn't be bothered to choreograph the action. Quick cuts and shootouts that are over before you know it. Sure there is a big car chase but I found it to be generic and boring. Worse is the finale that follows. It was stupid and pointless.

Forget about this film and watch the original instead. It's a 100 times better than this crap!

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