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Review Death Spa (1989)

genre: horror

I could have sworn that I had seen and reviewed this title before. Then upon viewing it dawned on me why I had seen it but not yet reviewed it.

Back then I had hope it would be just as much fun as Killer Workout. That hope rapidly diminished when I realized that Death Spa actually takes itself too seriously. Now that could have been comedic gold. Unfortunately none of the events have that element that turn it into laugh riots. Even the super creative and gory deaths failed to make me laugh. I wished I could explain why that is. But for the most part it's because the actors and the film crew don't understand that they are in a bad film. Some of the actors were close though to breaking character. Like Ken Foree, Francis X. McCarthy and Chelsea Field. I wished they had done so. Since that at least would have brought a sincerity or self awareness to this film. 

Now it's just a sequence of deaths presumably caused by a failing artificial intelligence. If it had been a case of A.I. gone wrong and people still would be stubborn enough to ignore the big threat it would have been hilarious. Sadly the A.I. is innocent. Somehow the spirit or ghost of Catherine played by Shari Shattuck is out for revenge. She doesn't seem to have a real good motive for revenge and that immediately makes her presence a joke. It's not just or scary, just stupid. Had we been shown that members and staff of the club had been making fun of her when she lost the ability to walk. Or if they were just horrible people in general I would have been rooting for her all the way. 

If the idea was for us to root for Michael Evans then they failed miserably. There is nothing about him that could make you side with him. Besides any sympathy goes down the drain if after a couple of deaths he still doesn't close his precious spa. Knowing people's lives are at risk or barely taking the time to grieve about the people who have died is quite despicable. 

So is Death Spa a complete waste of time? Well, I must admit that I am a sucker for Eighties films especially horror films. And there is a vibe to this flick that I really dug. However it never truly delivered on the fun factor. For films as bad like these that is a requirement. I suggest to opt for Killer Workout instead. It's vastly superior.

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