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Review Jumanji: The Next Level (2019): Enjoyable but too drawn out!

genre: action, adventure, comedy

It's predecessor was a nice remake / reboot where almost every element was a surprise. It was a roller-coaster ride of fun and thrills. This sequel also is packed with fun and action but rehashes things to a point it becomes problematic.

With problematic I mean that you will notice there isn't enough freshness or originality to make it truly interesting. Sure I laughed and I liked the random predicaments the main characters are put in. But there were too many moments where things slowed down considerably. I thought that the addition of Danny DeVito and Danny Glover could have brought more than it actually did. Yes they paid attention to these old men and their struggles in daily life. Only they could and should have gone deeper with it. It felt like they rushed through which is a little disappointing since it was very enjoyable to see DeVito in a big time production like this. 

Of course the center stage is for The Rock and sorry to say but I am getting a little tired of him. He is almost in every big blockbuster movie you can think of where he also constantly is playing the same role over and over again. Perhaps you have read one of my older reviews where I have stated that I will never ever get tired of him. I take it back. I do get tired of him. Maybe if he would play a different role then I could tolerate him better. Still even when he tries to do accents or mimicking Danny DeVito's character you can clearly see that Dwayne Johnson is a very limited actor. Funnily enough Kevin Hart of who I thought the same actually shows he is capable of more. And wait for it...he actually is funny. Karen Gillan as Ruby Roundhouse has a more prominent role and does a good job as the ass kicking adventurer. She really has come a long way since Doctor Who. 

Overall Jumanji: The Next Level is entertaining enough but already shows signs of exhaustion. With yet another hint of a sequel coming I would say that is not good.

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