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My thoughts on Supergirl and Batwoman in the Arrowverse!

So because of real life and other responsibilities I have been unable to watch my shows. In particular Supergirl. I am all caught up now on Supergirl and I have to say that I have some issues with it. I will get to that later. Then there is the latest addition in Arrowverse. Batwoman. One that is met with a lot of criticism and hate even which surprises me a little. I mean apart from some flaws it does seem to be a little more serious and darker than the other shows.

But first Supergirl. I watched all the episodes from S04E12 to S05E08. There was a lot I liked. The introduction of Lex Luthor, Red Daughter, Dreamer and a deeper characterization of Brainy, a descendant of Brainiac (second-deadliest archenemy of Superman) and the Martian Manhunter. The stories concerning J'onn J'onzz easily are the most emotional that had the most impact on me. 

What I didn't like though was the blatant SJW propaganda. I have no objection to characters being gay, transgender or bisexual. As long as it fits the character, the story and is not used for a political agenda. But guess what? This is what happened constantly and it's incredibly tiresome. Especially since some certain revelations came out of nowhere. No buildup or setup whatsoever. In one particular case it was stated and then not shown. It's apparent that only the political statement is what mattered. I fail to see how this will create more understanding. Forcing an idea on to someone is never good. Sure you don't always have to be subtle about it but why not make up good story lines where one gets confronted with their own bias and ideas and how they differ from what is being proposed. 

Another thing that really detracted from the fun factor is the bad arc concerning Lena Luthor. It's so childish I don't even know where to begin. And I am not going to since I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say that her credibility as a character is long gone. The friendship with Kara was a bit dubious to begin with. But her supposed no nonsense and logical attitude diminishes the minute she feels she has been lied to. She herself has no trouble keeping things from Kara and the others. The way she goes about things also is quite suspicious. She is a hypocrite pure and simple. 

Let's just say that I find her arc to be boring and annoying as hell.  I hope they are going to change this up soon. 

When news arrived they were going to make Batwoman I was scratching my head. I mean it is obvious CW and other networks are avoiding to try to make a live action Batman show. I am sure there are reasons. Hasn't stopped them from making Batman shows without Batman in it. I mean Arrow basically is the closest you get to a Batman show. Then there is Gotham. Least said about that the better. Person of Interest probably the most superior Batman show till date. Wait what? Yes, Jonathan Nolan has made the analogy. But there is more to it than that. Watch it if you haven't done so by now.

I guess Batwoman is CW's attempt including Batman without having him present in the show. And the fact that Batwoman is lesbian. Somehow does seem to fit the network. And while I stated that I am not a fan of political agendas. I think that this show is an example where the sexuality doesn't impose that much. At least not when it's Batwoman concerned. Sure a character tied to her seems to have issues but that does seem to be more for dramatic purposes than anything else. After all this is CW, they tend to be overly dramatic at times. It's unfortunately something we have to expect and accept. 

Apart from that I like the serious and dark approach. This show is less cartoony and silly. Could be that the Chicago setting has a lot to do with that. The pilot had an awesome superhero moment that really hit the right marks with me. Now in later episodes Kate Kane still is struggling somewhat but that makes sense. Is she to imitate Batman or be her self?

So far I am liking it. It's still far too early to say this show isn't good. I think it is decent enough for now. 

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