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Review Person of Interest S04e011: Edgy, thrilling, dramatic and epic, and all of that in 45 minutes!

genre: crime, action, thriller, superhero, science fiction. 

This review is as spoiler free as possible.

If-Then-Else is one of the best episodes of this show. Person of Interest continues to keep strong even when at times it looked like it did not know how to proceed. There was even a moment I thought that Person of Interest was losing it's edge. But the writers are very aware of what draws the fan to this show and in this episode you see one of those elements that makes the show so loved. We have seen that character Root has developed into someone we care for and she started out as a villain. She still has the capacity to go dark and dangerous but for now we are very glad she is on the good side. She is just one example how Person of Interest have made us care for the characters. And also how they interact with each other. So if something happens to them it affects us. And in this episode we seem them get affected in quite a brilliant way I might add. This episode also basically shows that anything can happen at this point. Eliminating predictability is always good as long as they stay true to the characters and how they have developed. I love it when a TV Show makes you crave for the next episode. Especially with this ending. If people by now still have not started watching Person of Interest yet, then please do so. It is one of the best shows ever made. No kidding, it truly is. Not only does this entertain on many levels, it also makes you think about several moral dilemmas. So start watching!

Edit 20-05-2015:

The season 4 finale is again a finale that impresses. It's one where darkness and hope go side by side and even when you can feel the doom lurking there is a glimmer of positivity to be found. I am happy that the writers have managed to upped the stakes and at the same did not forget to forget about what made this show great in the first place. Looking very much forward to season 5. Join me!

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