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Review Inferno (1980): One of those rare titles that gets better with multiple viewings!

genre: giallo, horror

Inferno is the second part in the The Three Mothers trilogy and a direct sequel to Suspiria. A lot is said about it and usually it's met with praise or the opposite. In my opinion it's one that you will appreciate more and more with multiple viewings.

If you were expecting the same level of dread and shock that was displayed in Suspiria then Inferno definitely will be disappointing. However as a continuation of the mythology concerning The Three Mothers Inferno is absolutely fascinating. It might seem less coherent and more confusing but in hindsight that might have been the point. These witches are set out to make you doubt what you see. They deliberately want to confuse the characters and the viewer in order to make you question their existence. The colourful and stylish imagery often could also be regarded as dreams or hallucinations. In Inferno there are quite a few examples of where the characters aren't really certain if what they just have seen or experienced is real. Once unsettled evil strikes upon them with sheer wrath and fury.

Now obviously most of the characters who fall victim don't deserve it. However why couldn't they let things be? Many times they put themselves in danger. Due to unrelenting curiosity. Or are they secretly seeking power and destruction themselves? One of the flaws of Inferno that the motivation for the characters is lacking, Eleonora Giorgi as Sara just happens to see the letter of fellow student Mark lying on his desk. She takes it and plans to return it to him. Then decides to read the letter and go on the quest to find out more about the mysteries described in this letter she had no business reading in the first place. Rose even warns Mark to be cautious. Sara blatantly ignores this and well...

Inferno does build on what has been established in Suspiria so it is recommended to have seen that first. But you don't really need to since as a standalone Inferno is quite strong and effective because of some random horrific events that occur. Overall Inferno is very much worth your time and definitely a must watch for Argento fans.

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