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Review Body Puzzle (1992): Heavily flawed but decent enough!

genre: giallo, mystery, thriller, horror

If you have never seen Body Puzzle it will deliver on suspense and some tense moments. However for multiple viewings this just won't do. Mind you that goes for most thrillers so not sure if you could fault Lamberto Bava for this. Then again he has made films before that still deliver after you have seen them many times. So what gives?

The problem lies in the plot. It's to pretentious and convoluted for it's own good. It seems like the goal was to make you think one thing while another thing was occurring. Naturally this could be said of most thrillers so what exactly I am getting at? Misdirection is good. But there has to be some logic to it. And this is where Body Puzzle fails. It demands you to suspend disbelief so much that it becomes too ridiculous. The whole concept of Body Puzzle is macabre and dark. Naturally it would have been far more interesting to find out why and what motivates the killer. Like with most killers the answer is blatantly obvious. There is no deeper meaning. Another problem is the fact that it takes itself far too seriously. Given the main plot twist is stupid as hell that is just asking too much.

Fortunately the film doesn't spare you. It has no problems showing you blood and body parts cut off. One scene in particular is quite shocking and disturbing if you think about it if it weren't for one little detail. Imagine the impact it could have without that detail. It's safe to say the killer is one sick individual and should have been caught and locked up years ago.

As a Lamberto Bava title one could say it's one of his lesser titles. As a giallo this definitely is middle tier but definitely one to check out if you are a fan.

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