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Videogames don't cause mass shootings!

It's prepostorous that I have to state this but here goes. Videogames don't cause mass shootings! If you don't believe me here is a little chart I pulled from Vox

Whether you choose to believe it or not it's truth. A videogame is a medium like films or music. Of course it can have an effect on someone but normally speaking that effect is something positive and benefitial. Also for the record, having and using a gun is infinitely more dangerous than playing a videogame. The worst someone could do is throw a pc or console at someone. And most never ever do that. Let's say that they do this, you really have to do your best to accidentally kill someone. Perhaps if you are super evil and efficient you will manage to. But then what? Such a throw would break the device and you wouldn't be able to use it again. Completely inefficient and useless. 

I am very aware that some people seem to think that videogames can desensitize someone. Ok, let's say I am playing a videogame called Call of Duty or Fortnite. Even if you are playing against people. The persona's they are using are digital. And that is not real. It's just a bunch of zero's and ones. Shooting something digital won't break or kill someone in real life. And yes, most people certainly can distinguish the difference between reality and something fake as a videogame. Also people do things in games because they know they can't do them in real life. And let me tell you something else. Some people like won't even do certain things even if they have no consequences. It always depends on someone's personality and state of mind. The latter is key. Why is someone compulsed to pick up a gun to solve their problems? I mean for god sake it's so easy to get a gun. But nobody bats an eyelid if someone is carrying one in the US. Then why are the same people so surprised that someone carrying a gun would use it. It already has been proven time and time again that someone who owns a gun always is going to use it. Even the US police officers who supposedly have received proper training won't hesitate to shoot. Either some can't let go of the Wild West mentality or some want to go back to those times. BTW these are the same people who cry murder when somebody challenges them in discussions online. Pathetic snowflakes. 

Let's be clear here. I am not downplaying bullying. That is a very solid and serious issue. But no matter what guns aren't the solution. Still I am getting sick and tired of these people claiming the most outrageous things just to point fingers at others while completely ignoring the real issue. They very well know what the problem is but refuse to solve it since it earns them billions and billions of dollars. Nice to know that the US still is a forefighter of good old capitalism and greed in a climate where Trump is buddy buddy with Russia and North-Korea. Also such joy to get confirmed that some Americans love their guns more than people.

Another problem is the fact that the ignorance is incredibly high in the US. It is very worrying to have such a large demographic be so uninformed. They very gladly want to accept the lies and rhetorics just because it sounds nice. Instead of accepting facts, truth and reality. 

Every citizin should step up, be critical and take action when a government lets them down.  Sick people need to be treated. But in order to do that properly you need to recognize someone is sick or has a mental problem. Then you need to do whatever you can to heal that person. We really need to start looking out for people. Doing nothing is always bad. Always try. Perhaps someone just needs a person who will listen to him or her. Maybe you won't see the effects of these actions directly but believe me you often do more than you realize. We are people. And if we keep treating each other as humans then that already is a step in the right direction. 

Last but not least. Videogames don't cause mass shootings. 

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