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My thoughts on Far Cry 5 which I played recently on my trusty PS4!

genre: first person shooter
year release: 2018

It would be an understatement by saying that I spent a lot of time the world of Far Cry 5. No surprise really since the world is huge and filled with all kinds of activities next to the main one. And it's just that I wanted to move on to a different title since I easily could have spent so much time more. The gameplay is incredibly satisfying. 

Although I  wasn't a fan of the game forcing you to play the main missions. Here I was completely immersed in capturing a specific outpost and I got knocked unconscious and suddenly was stuck to play a main mission. I never actually tried to quit the mission so not sure if that would allow me to forsake it and go on with my own little adventures (fishing, hunting, exploring, spending time with my companions like Peaches and female Green Arrow named Jess Black).

There are a few other annoyances that made it harder to finish missions. For one, the ultra small icons on the map. I mean even zoomed in you just can't view them properly. Making it too difficult to spot collectibles for example. This pixel hunting is not of this time and certainly only makes collecting items busy work. And that I am not a fan of. When you finally have collected items from a certain quest the reward for it usually is underwhelming. At least make them worth your while. But perhaps this is a criticism for collectibles missions in general.

Of course I need to say something about the main story. It's one that showed promise and had the potential to do something real different. Except it basically is a repeat of bosses from previous games put in a new skin with the same illogical rhetoric supposedly making them edgy and scary. More of a nuisance really. Also too powerful and god like to actually take seriously. I mean you have one super main boss and three normal main bosses. You need to bring down those three first before you can even come close to defeating Joseph. 

The final mission for example is one of the most stupid missions I have ever played in my life. You need to keep shooting Joseph Seed who keeps reviving somehow. During all of this your friends highly influenced by Bliss keep coming at you who you have to shoot and revive. If you done this enough times you finally get to take care of Joseph. To which you are treated with an ending that is so preposterous and pointless you wished you could forget about and deny it ever happened. Many times it is clear you are often Bliss induced and that most of what you experience is one big hallucination. Fine. But to what end and what purpose? l'll tell you. Nothing. Most events are just dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy without actually offering real thoughts on the topics raised in the game.

It doesn't really matter. These games are all about the gameplay and thank god that is A OK!

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