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Review Virus (1999): Very underrated scifi horror flick!

genre: comic book, science fiction, horror, action

According to Jamie Lee Curtis no one had a good time and is very unconvinced of Virus' cult status. Fortunately for us it doesn't really matter what she thinks. Because no one is claiming that Virus is a masterpiece. However it's a very entertaining film that deserves far more credit than it has gotten. 

Virus borrows ideas from Alien, Terminator, Star Trek: First Contact and Deep Rising and blends them together. Some work and some don't. Still no matter how fantastical and implausible there are more than enough thrilling moments to scare the hell out of you. There is a decent amount of blood, gore and paranoia. Another element that works quite well is the dynamics between the crew members. Donald Sutherland, Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin and Cliff Curtis all have their traits and quirks and don't seem to particularly like each other. I don't know if this was a projection of what the actors had to go through or if this was played. Whatever the cause or reason it helps set up a tense atmosphere like in The Thing where you can't be sure who to trust. 

The cyborgs are very reminiscent of the Borg but nearly not as neat or tidy. It's an aspect that looks gross and beautiful at the same time. People claiming the special effects look horrible don't know what they are talking about it. These are practical effects at their best. And think about it. What would someone look like if you jam mechanical body parts in them? Exactly. The flesh won't automatically disappear. Yuck. Even if this doesn't phase you one bit. What about the fact that this alien life form calls people a virus? Something to think about because the idea is not that far fetched. 

But ok. Of course you have to go with the events and suspend disbelief. What is so wrong with that? As long as it entertains right? And this is what Virus does. As a scifi horror flick it's filled with action and spectacle. Plus it's never ever boring. From start to finish it's a blast. At a certain point you aren't supposed to take it seriously. I think the cast weren't informed about this. Who probably thought they were going to film something like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. 

Having seen many awful films in my life I can honestly say that this easily is among the most entertaining. So definitely very deserving of it's cult status. A must watch for the genre fans for sure!

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