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Review Deep Rising (1998): Over the top, cheesy but extremely fun!

genre: action, adventure, horror, science fiction

The cheese oozes of this movie. But what I like about this movie that despite the silly and ridiculous premise the viewer still can get caught in the tense situations created on screen. The cast does an excellent job in convincing the audience that there is a real threat out there and at the same time also tell you that you shouldn't take things so seriously. Treat Williams is a master in doing that. His loose acting is one of the main reasons that this movie works. Deep Rising is fast paced and offers non stop action. It doesn't give you much time to think about how silly certain events are. In stead you are rewarded with hard hitting action and just the right amount of comedy and gore to keep watching. I had no idea that Stephen Sommers directed this otherwise I would have watched this much sooner. Better late than never. Pure fun and entertainment!

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