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Review Long Shot (2019): A big letdown!

genre: romance, comedy

It's not that I had big expectations when it comes to this film. But I had hoped to at least get more than a few laughs from it. And for ten or twenty minutes or so it was.

Then it deteriorated rapidly into predictability and grossness only Seth Rogen can conceive. To the extent that I felt sorry for Charlize Theron. Perhaps that was what Seth was going for. Just to try how far he could go and never really counted on her being a good sport and professional through and through. Surprisingly the two are believable as a couple. And had this film actually spent the time to deepen their characters and relationship it probably would have made me forget the cliches and usual romcom tropes. But Long Shot is incredibly superficial and lame. Some American filmmakers have  this weird idea that drugs are cool and edgy and that it can work as a plot element. The same with alcohol. Of course if you are a responsible user I have no problems with it. However in this film yet again is shown as "the go to solution" to instant relaxation and fun. Like you can't without. As if some people are incapable of loosening up and having fun on their own. I also don't quite understand why Seth Rogen thinks he needs to resort to sexual jokes like he does. Sure in some films it has a place. In this one it undermines the sincerity and integrity of the film. And forced. One scene in particular perhaps was trying to go for what the Farrely brothers did with There's Something About Mary and it failed. Why? Because it was pretty far fetched and didn't quite mash with the tone of the film. 

But I think I could have forgiven these flaws had the film actually been funny and witty. Seth and co don't even attempt to be clever or intelligent. There is more than enough to pull from current political climate in the U.S. Yet Seth rarely takes a jab at it. Even that was standard and predictable. Actually now I think about it Seth is attacking politicians. The democrats. He is accusing them of losing their way and bla bla bla. Although very subtly. Why would he choose to be subtle when he is usually so blatant and over the top. In this case loud and over the top would have been good.

In the end Long Shot is a big letdown. All I wanted was to laugh and apart from the few genuine jokes I simply couldn't. 

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