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Review Double Impact (1991): Van Damme thought he could get creative.

genre: action, martial arts, crime

In my opinion, one Van Damme is more than enough, but he himself thought different and wanted to play a double role. He wanted to show the contrast in his work. Basically to display his skills as an actor. Probably as a writer too, since he also contributed in writing the story. So how did it turn out? Is Double Impact truly double the fun, or just one big failure? 

In hindsight, I thought that the story was pretty serviceable. It actually starts out real well. Then the twin angle gets introduced and we see two Van Damme's. One who seems a bit too happy and cheery, who is named Chad. And one named Alex, who is all serious and tough. It's a contrast, alright. But one that has impact and convinces us that Van Damme can act? Not in the slightest. It's just Van Damme with different haircuts and clothes. However, I was willing to go with it. Cause what I was truly was hoping to see was a difference in combat style. There is some difference, but so negligible and a wasted opportunity if you ask me. If Van Damme had exaggerated Chad's cheeriness and Alex's toughness. For example, have Chad goofing all the way and still rock to shock and horror of Alex that would have been funny and cool. 

Double Impact features a few Hong Kong names you probably will recognize, like Bolo Yeung and Philip Chang (Hard Boiled). It makes sense for them to be there. Only I wished they would have used them more prominently. The fight between him and Chad for example is very disappointing. Actually, this brings me to the real problem of Double Impact. At the start, the action looked promising. But then as the film continues, it never delivers. The action is adequate but never truly exciting or exceptional. In hindsight, the opening scene contains the best action sequence. The pacing is also a problem. It's too slow and long-winded. And just when you think they are about to end, they drag on the finale even longer. Normally (as long as the action is good) I applaud that. Here it's just tedious and boring.

Double Impact used to be a favourite of mine. But now I simply don't think it's that good. It's not that bad either, but certainly not warranted of the title Double Impact. So definitely not double the fun. It's not a failure, neither. Although, you will have to be in the mood to find it entertaining.

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