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Review Time and Tide ak.a. Shun liu ni liu (2000): Tsui Hark shows he is still a master of action!

genre: Gun fu, bullet ballet, action

Like with most of Tsui Hark movies the plot is almost impossible to follow but I will try although very briefly. 

Tyler (Nicholas Tse( has a one night stand with a lesbian cop and manages to impregnate her. She doesn't want anything to do with him however that doesn't stop him from taking responsibility and joins a team of bodyguards under management of Uncle Ji (Anthony Wong). The money he earns goes to Ah Jo (lesbian cop) which he secretly shoves under her door. On of his operations he encounters Jack (Wu Bai) and his pregnant fiancee. There Jack demonstrates how skilled he is and helps stop an assassination attempt. Turns out that the people behind this attempt are former partners of Jack who want him to either join or be killed. Naturally Jack doesn't want to be involved.

Most of the film involves Jack and Tyler dealing with the assassins. Jack a little more competently than Tyler. Jack is very effective fighting his old comrades in arms. Most of the time in gun battles but from time to time also hand to hand combat. The gun battles are the most impressive. I have to admit. It's not always easy to follow what is going on exactly but the choreography and the way the action is shot is incredibly exciting. Especially when the big battle occurs where Jack is rappelling down a rope while being shot at. Somehow the camera is following him and manages to show you the size of the area the battle is taking place in. It's impressive. 

Tonally Time and Tide starts out as a comedy but then gradually shifts to serious and thrilling action. Although it's filled with moments that will make you scratch your head. Overall Time and Tide is incredibly entertaining from start to finish. It should serve as an example to show directors that it is still very possible to be inventive and creative in the action genre.

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