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Populism never leads to anything good!

Recently in the Dutch provinicial elections de Forum voor Democratie (Forum for Democracy) came on top. It's leader Thierry Baudet might seem like a normal and wholesome lad but he is anything but. Also the name of his party also appears to be a positive entity. I wish this were true. 

His party is not about democracy. It's more about taking back at what is lost. Going back to a time when everything was good. Sounds familiar? It's not for nothing that Baudet is a hugh supporter of Trump. Since they are quite similar. They both are masters in instigating fear. Like fear of immigrants and empowered women. And this is what appeals to the common man. At least they are been given the illusion Baudet cares about what they want and need while he has no interest in them other than their vote. Sure he will do enough to appease them but will he structuraly do anything to make their lives better? Of course not. People like Baudet only care for themselves. All he wants is power, money and adoration. So yes from time to time he will shout stuff to keep his base happy but in the end most of his measures will destroy the good foundations laid by parties who actually cared about the people. 

Baudet is an advocate for the superior white race and claims women have very little to contribute. They are less ambitious as men or mean yes when they say no. And to top it off he attacked universities, journalists, scientists and artists for the cause of everything bad. I can't stress enough how dangerous this is. Because this is exactly what is happening in the U.S. where people blindly are following Trumps's rhetoric and not realizing what they are destroying. Or they are aware and just don't care. Ignorance and stupidity is increasing to such an extent where facts don't matter any more. Trump can say what he wants and they will believe him. Every word that comes out of Trump is vile, disgusting and idiotic. How will that ever lead to something good and positive? 

How is it possible in a day and age where information is freely available people know less than before? And how come the same people have all this rage and anger to something they don't know or understand? Because it's easy. It's easy to hate, be negative and destroy. It's hard to build something. And then to maintain something when built. It is almost impossible to remain positive and optimistic in a world full of hate and fear. But we must try. Since this is what will lead to progress. Real progress and advancement.

Baudet only will cause chaos and destruction and won't do anything to actually make things better. What has Geert Wilders done? Or actually achieved? Other than hate. His lack of accomplishment is one of the reasons why some turned to Baudet. Wilders is another populist who had a chance to actually do something but then failed to do so. You would think that after already have witnessed such failure that people would wise up and vote with their minds instead of their misguided feelings. But like I said, that would require effort and hard work. For some reason people want it all without doing something to achieve that. 

If you truly want to achieve things in life. You will have to work for it. And yes the government and other important institutions can aid you directly or indirectly by for example providing and fulfilling basic needs and rights. So that you can dedicate your time on other needs and wishes. In return you need to abide by their rules and laws like for example paying taxes. When done right this is a good and constructive synergy. People like Baudet want to break down these institutions since they want to lead without any obstruction. Keeping political leaders in check protects you and me from being used. If you can't see how that is a bad thing I don't know what will.

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