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Review King of Thieves (2018): My name is Michael, I don't give a...

genre: crime

Michael Caine is a phenomenal actor. But he often also doesn't care what films he is in as long as they pay enough. It doesn't look like King of Thieves is made for money. Nor does it seem it's a passion project. It easily could have been and maybe they intended to. But while making they realized they had golf tournaments to go to or something.

Since I couldn't sense a single ounce of heart. Most of the cast could and should have provided a lot more but somehow they couldn't be bothered. And to make matters worse the way the true story is told almost mocks the events. I honestly don't know what to believe. The cops are the most competent and super I have seen in cinema. And sure they certainly were on point but come on they don't deserve that much credit. Another big issue is that at times it has the appearance of being a comedy where none of the humour lands. Because for some mysterious reason you are supposed to take everything seriously. And only at the very end you seem some joking which is far too late. Also quite insulting since up to that point King of Thieves hasn't done anything worth while. I wasn't expecting something like Going in Style. But I certainly would have appreciated had they copied some of it's elements. Like emphasizing the old age and what problems old men have to deal with. Or perhaps they could have added a twist or two to put a creative spin on real events. If there ever was a time for some cinematic liberties to be taken it was with this film. 

I also am very disappointed that even the heist itself and everything surrounding it feels lackluster. Not a hint of tension or suspense. Well, maybe once or twice but very minimal. They rush through the heist quite fast without giving something to chew on. Even if you don't know about this true story you will be able to deduce of what will happen. Then what is the point of this film?

There is none. A giant waste of your time. Even Michael Caine can't be bothered to ham it up or make it interesting. So avoid like the plague.   

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